What to expect

Free introductory session

First we meet for a talk to get to know each other. Because coaching is a relationship, it’s not “one size fits all”. I want to make sure that we click and that my style of coaching will fit your needs. I use this session to get an idea of who you are, where you are at and where you would like to be. I explain my approach to coaching and everything you want to know about the process. This session is free of charge and lasts approximately one hour.

Coaching trajectory

The number of sessions we will have will depend on your specific needs.

For specific short term goals, I offer individual focused sessions.

For deeper sustainable changes in your life and career to take place, a longer period of time is required. Depending on your needs, coaching may take between 2-3 months to a year and in some cases longer. I recommend that in the beginning we have a session once every week – this tempo keeps the momentum of the process at an optimum level. Later the frequency can change to two sessions per month, or less.

In the beginning we will discuss and decide on your individual trajectory taking into account your needs and the amount of time you can reasonably allocate to coaching. Throughout the process we will regularly evaluate your progress and change the trajectory as necessary.

Sessions timing and location

A coaching session lasts one hour. Sometimes, if we are in the middle of a discussion or finalising an issue, a session may exceed one hour. I always want to make sure we have wrapped up and properly closed our conversation before we end a session. I will not charge any time spent in excess of the one hour session.

Sessions can take place either face to face at an agreed upon location in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, or via Skype or telephone.


I will assign homework that is designed to bring what you and I discuss into more real and tangible shape. During each session we will discuss what comes out of the homework and exercises you complete. The more you put into doing this work, the faster you’ll get to where you want to be.

My input

Throughout the coaching process I will:

  • make it a priority to get to know you well
  • provide a confidential setting for you to talk, explore, dream and be yourself
  • tailor the coaching process according to your needs and preferences
  • ask a lot of questions
  • listen deeply to what you say and to what you don’t
  • challenge your answers and actions
  • provide feedback and reflect what I see and hear from you
  • ask of you to take assessments and do your homework
  • help you brainstorm
  • share experience and make suggestions to you to read articles and other materials, relevant to your coaching journey.

Your input

In order for the coaching to be successful, it is important that you:

  • come with an open mind
  • are committed to the process
  • are open to feedback
  • are honest with me and with yourself
  • take an active role in your coaching to get what you need out of the process (do your homework and follow the action plans resulting from our sessions)
  • provide me with feedback on how the process is working for you.

Code of Ethics

In my coaching practice I abide to the Code of Ethics of the International Coach Federation.