Being coached by Galina, surpassed my expectation of finding a new career path. It encouraged me to take steps towards areas that I never thought I would go to find a new career. I was challenged to do things I was postponing and ignoring for years. These challenges enabled me to break down self-imposed barriers, ideas and to take action.

I’m very grateful to have worked with Galina, the confidence I have achieved and the actions I have taken through the sessions enabled me to learn more about myself and like the person I am.

Emilene Seabra
Digital Marketing Executive

After taking a career break, I was having difficulties in making decisions in life style and career decision. Galina has guided me to make the right decisions. She has guided me in the careful thought process. I would say Galina is the most caring professional I have ever met. She was always very prepared well for our sessions and I do not think she could have done a better job in guiding me. She has helped me find confidence in myself again and has really helped me in the thinking process. I would recommend to anyone who needs career and/or lifestyle coaching. Her background as a former lawyer was particularly useful for me since I was seeking a career in the same industry.  

Emily, Lawyer

I met Galina at a time where I needed much guidance and my self-esteem was really low. Galina helped me to help myself, there’s not better words to frame it. Galina is not only good at listening and has a lot of empathy, she will also ask a lot of questions and sometimes even challenge your answers! A great way to get you reflecting. I would describe my experience with her as someone taking you by the hand, but you are the one taking the steps. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone feeling stuck and helpless. Thank you, Galina!

Hélène, Communications Professional

Galina’s approach is one of creating a comfortable space to talk and express yourself without any kind of judgment. She listened well to what I said and helped me to find my own answers by referring back to the things I revealed or spoke of during our sessions. Through this process of guided self-discovery, I learnt so much about myself. I learned to prioritize myself and focus on my own needs. To keep moving forward however small the steps are towards reaching my goals and aspirations. To take time to appreciate my achievements. 

Having completed a number of sessions with Galina I do feel that my outlook has changed significantly. I have more direction in how to move forward and have more confidence in myself. I am happier and more confident in my social interactions and less inhibited by my own notions and preconceptions. Though I have many challenges up ahead in reaching my goals I am better equipped to face them. 

Sunethra Gunasekara LL.M (Leiden), Attorney-at-Law

I met Galina when I was at a crossroad in my life with really no direction as to my next step. I thought what could she possibly do for me! But I was pleasantly surprised after a few sessions with her. Though she has a quiet disposition she was able to gently but firmly nudge me into what I have come to realise is the best for me. She comes highly recommended by me seeing the difference just a few sessions made. A very professional yet relatable lady who definitely knows what she is doing. Good job Galina and thank you.

Dr. Funmilayo Chukwumah

Galina got to know me very well in a very short period of time. That meant that the guidance she provided was personal to me, not general. I felt that she really took time to understand me without judging me and was able to help me regain self-confidence, and career direction.  After working with Galina, I successfully applied for a new position.

Erica, Media Research

Galina was always open and reachable in the important moments. Her not being judgmental made me open up about anything that was in my mind. She was also good at identifying insecurities and at helping me improve my vision of myself. I am very grateful for all the support and learnings she provided.

Carolina Monaco, Impact Investing

Galina is an intelligent, caring and understanding coach.  I appreciated her commitment, dedication and first rate service. What I appreciated the most was her sympathy and her going overboard to help. There is a positive impact in my personal and professional life as a result of the guidance I received. I am certainly more positive about the future. The calm, personable and non-judgemental way in her approach made me open up more, have confidence and find my own solutions. I fully recommend her.

Edna Kuipers, Lawyer

It was my first experience with a career coach and I think Galina was fantastic in such that she helped me gain my confidence back by making me realize my strengths and potential. Galina really helped me navigate the process of searching for a job in a country foreign to my own. She made me realize that I should not undervalue myself. She is someone who always remained available even outside the regular coaching sessions and has become a friend who is always around to help!

Neha Chhabra, Independent Legal Consultant