Career coaching

My career coaching services are focused on:

  • Helping you advance and grow in your career
  • Helping you through career transition
  • Helping Legal Professionals

    Career Advancement

    You are confident that you have chosen the right career direction for you. It is now time to focus on your career growth and development in order to advance as far as your ambitions will take you.

    We all define career success differently. Success for you may mean getting that promotion or becoming a recognised expert in your field in your company, or industry. It may mean being in a position to influence others, or to have a strategic impact on your company, or on the wider business sector it operates in. Success may take the shape of driving innovation or making an impactful contribution to society. It may mean all of the above and more.

    • What does career success mean to you?
    • How far do you want to get?
    • What will it take for you to get there?

    I can help you find answers to these questions and come up with a strategy to achieve your goals.

    Together we will:

    • identify your goals – how far do you want to go in your career
    • pinpoint your talents, skills and expertise and make a plan on how to further develop them
    • identify what other skills (both technical and soft) you need to develop in order to succeed
    • identify what relationships inside and outside of work you need to create and develop (and how to do this) in order to get the exposure, support, mentoring and recognition, necessary for your success
    • identify and work on issues that might be a blind spot, or that hold you back from being your best self, because career development means pushing yourself to become better in all areas of your work and life.

Career Transition

Sometimes we reach a point in our lives that calls for a big change in our career. This change could be triggered by various reasons:

  • our need to find a better workplace for our professional development and wellbeing
  • a fundamental change in our life, or a new awareness about our values and priorities
  • a relocation to another country
  • experiencing burnout
  • going back to work after being made redundant or after an extended leave for family, health or study reasons

A big change in our career may mean transitioning:

  • to a new job within the same profession or sector
  • to a completely new profession or sector
  • from employment to entrepreneurship or vice versa.

If you

  • are feeling the need to make a change in your career, but you don’t know where to start and how to decide what your next move should be
  • are considering or facing a career change due to a relocation to another country
  • have had the same job for a long time, want to change jobs but you don’t know how to approach the current job market (CV, LinkedIn, networking, interviews)
  • need to go back to work after burnout, redundancy, or extended leave, but you lack direction and/or confidence in your skills to tackle the job search
  • are anxious to take the leap and face uncertainty

then I can help you find your way through the transition. I can be there for you to support you throughout all the stages of change. We will address both the practical and the emotional sides of the change you are going through.

Together we will:

  • analyse the triggers for your transition and identify the direction you will be taking – be it a new job, a new profession, or a new endeavour as an entrepreneur or a freelancer. We will focus on what it is that you really want and what is most important to you
  • define your strengths, (transferable) skills and professional and personal achievements
  • identify your target professional opportunities (and employers) and how to find and approach them
  • ensure that your CV and LinkedIn profile properly reflect who you are as a professional, highlighting your (transferrable) skills that you can bring to a new job or profession
  • work on your confidence to be your best at interviews and networking events
  • work on building your resilience and positive outlook to help you deal with uncertainty and setbacks during the transition process

Especially for Lawyers

Having spent most of my professional life as a lawyer, I have a natural affinity to helping other lawyers with their careers. I provide all my coaching services to lawyers, coupled with a good understanding of the profession and the development paths it offers.

Whether you are looking for support to advance in your career in law or considering a career transition, as a coach I add extra value, because we share the same language. We can quickly start dealing with your coaching needs in depth and with precision.

If you are an international lawyer, looking for opportunities to work in the Netherlands, I can help you with my knowledge and understanding of the local legal market and the possibilities it offers.