Coaching is a road trip

Some time ago a friend was telling me about his summer holiday in Portugal. He said how happy he was he did not take the plane from the Netherlands. Instead, he decided to take the car. He drove slowly, stopping frequently, taking his time to enjoy the ride, the places he chose to explore along the way, the nice meals he had, and the time he took to recharge for the next ride.

He arrived in Portugal a few days later. But instead of landing tired and sweaty at a busy airport, he started his holiday relaxed, having already left work and stress behind during his trip through Europe. He did not need to adjust to a new climate or a new holiday tempo, because he had already done so on his way.

It struck me immediately how much in common this trip had with coaching. Coaching also takes you to a new place, but not on the plane. You travel with your own tempo. You chose where to stop and for how long. What to explore. What to enjoy. You take the opportunity to be silly, to try new things, to fail and eventually succeed. And when you arrive at your destination, you are ready and open to embrace everything it has to offer you.

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