About me

Where I come from

My name is Galina Bunkova.

I became a coach after a successful career of more than 15 years as a commercial and M&A lawyer at the law practice of PwC (PriceWaterhouseCoopers). I value every moment of my fast paced career in law. I “grew up” at a great company, and witnessed this company go through a merger, grow, develop and transform. I had the privilege of working for exceptional clients on many exciting and innovative projects. I learned enormously both from my leaders and managers and from the people I led and managed. But during the last couple of years I increasingly felt there was something else I must be doing.

After a life changing decision to relocate to another country and start a family, I took the opportunity to explore what I was really passionate about. I decided to shift gears and change my direction into using my professional and personal experience to help others reach their potential and live a happier life. And I qualified as a coach.

What I bring to coaching

Apart from my coaching tools, I have developed a range of qualities that come from:

  • having worked for more than eight years in a senior management position with people from very different backgrounds
  • having experienced many different cultures, customs and attitudes in professional and personal settings
  • working, studying and living in different countries and navigating different cultures
  • changing career
  • living as an expat in the Netherlands in a cross-cultural family and raising a multi-lingual child.

In addition, I am curious by nature, solution oriented, I love sharing my knowledge with others, I am well trained as a good and compassionate listener, I have a critical mind and am not afraid to challenge obvious or easy answers. I continuously look for ways to enhance my knowledge and experience in my areas of focus.

What coaching gives me

So often, when we think of the benefits of coaching, we tend to think in terms of what benefits the client receives. In truth, coaching is often a win-win situation for coaches and clients alike.

Coaching provides me with a unique opportunity to harness my passion and channel it into a career helping others achieve meaningful results. It also allows me to use my life experiences – personal and professional – to motivate positive change in others. In my opinion, there is nothing more satisfying than being part of a process that causes individuals to be awed and inspired by themselves and change for the better. I consider being part of such a process a privilege.

How to reach me

If you want to reach me for further information or to plan an introductory session, please use the contact details below.