I like exploring what makes us human beings tick and thrive and enjoy helping others to find their own answers to this question. I find fulfilment in seeing my clients build more successful careers and joyful lives that are led by conscious choices rather than by circumstances.

I became a coach after a successful career of 15 + years as commercial and M&A lawyer. I combine my “legal thinking” with my empathy and enormous curiosity to help clients in their growth personally and professionally.

I provide coaching to individual and corporate clients with a strong focus on career growth and leadership skills.

My areas of focus are:

Career Coaching 

Leadership Coaching 

Life Coaching

In my practice I use a variety of coaching methods and tools when exploring the issues you bring to our sessions. Find out more about my approach here.

People only change when they truly want to change— and these proposed changes must be important to their long-term vision in order for them to sustain the energy for the effort.

Richard Boyatzis